Rainbows of MTR Stations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-1.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-2.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-3.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-4.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-5.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-6.JPG
Hong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-11.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-10.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-9.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-7.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-12.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-13.JPG
Hong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-14.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-8.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-16.JPGHong Kong 2010 - MTR Stations-15.JPG

Until now, I can’t forget the colourful MTR Stations of Hong Kong. The details they paid for the stations and all the convenience provided within the spaces were captivated by me. The mosaic titles they have laid, though you can see that, it slowly disappears for the newer stations(I assumed).

I made an effort to capture a photo of every single stations I passed by. When I have a chance to return back, my goal is to travel around in its MTR and to continue this mission I have created for myself.


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