The Strawberry Town, Cameron Highlands

Chill’ing or Anytime is Tea Time. I call this our theme for this trip. I have never been to Cameron Highlands. I crown her the title of “Strawberry Town”.

Whenever Cameron Highlands was mentioned, strawberry and tea will surface. It is like their icon of the ‘town’.
4D3N with my friends together with my baby present Yashica Electro 35. I enjoyed the trip.

Some little photos that comes from my baby, loaded with Kodak Ektar 100. This time round, I remembered the little button at the bottom during unwinding!

The first place I visited was this beautiful waterfall area. I saw many many butterflies flying everywhere. And there are 2 certain spots they will stay around. It was their mineral feeding time.

Anytime is tea time was a slogan from one of the Boh Tea Plantation. Blue skies, white clouds, perfect cooling weather and wind blowing onto your face. What a moment to be, to stay with your close ones.

Stores and stores of tea, strawberry, strawberry plush toys, plants, cut flowers, fresh vegetables and snacks & tea, strawberry, strawberry plush toys, plants, cut flowers, fresh vegetables and snacks was all I see in the market & night markets of theirs. And not forgetting, tons and tons of people and the smoke from the BBQ of the chicken.

If you are interested to drive around the towns, drive up the mountain and experience a life of simple and slow-paced moments. Love the weather, love the pace but hate the terrain of the mountains. (:
More to come~


“For stronger wings, I need these minerals here!!”


The lovely kampung I will never get to see in SG. How simple and beautiful it can be.


When nature urbanised.I see many abandoned land rovers along the road/street and nature just simply blends in and join into the urbanisation. Pay for such a sight? 


Uh-oh, the shoppers spotted me!!You see contented faces on them, seriously. No matter how simply or tough their life can be. They were happily asking the store holder questions and ‘price slash’ the products they eyed on, till they noticed me. Yet they just looked at me, smiled and continue! (: 


I want to go there, there, THERE!!!Did I recall myself doing that to my mother? If I ever tried doing the same, I will be treated with “Char Kway Tiao with chilli” when I reached home.
“CKT means caning”

More photos from Ektar are here. I’m so looking forward to finishing my Ektarchrome colour slides and B&W.


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