Macro Photography for the First Time.

I had the pleasure to try Macro Photography yesterday, with a group of great people! ❤
The sun was harsh on our skin and it was a HOT day!
With a loaned Nikon D70s and Nikon 105mm AF Micro (Thanks my dear!), we headed Singapore Botanic Gardens.
That is my working place, I don’t walk around it like I did yesterday!

It started off with B telling me: “No one shoots Macro in Auto mode, all right! Manual focus!”
I was like, “Eh, ALL RIGHT! I just want to know & learn how to use the lens!” Ultimately, it is still my first time!
J: “Laughed”.

Sweaty, smelly, tired hands, lying on the ground, weird postures, tough time trying to focus on the subjects and lots of laughter ended my morning! (: Plus many many failed shoots, in the CF card waiting for me to delete. But I loved the time spent and experiences gained. It was not rushing and I enjoyed myself in the gardens which I had never really, experienced before. It will definitely not my last time, playing with 105mm lens. More will come!!

I am loving the bokeh, this lens is producing!

My temptation of getting Nikon D7000 is getting stronger and stronger!! (Uh-oh)
I let the photos speak, on my skills. Please!
Give me feedback or encouragements on how I can do better! I will really appreciate it.
My Flickr

He is laughing at me!

Do you know Yoga?


He was my first model of the day. Is he sleeping? He did not move a single INCH!


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