Dreams Will Come True, I Owned the Stage.

I seriously don’t enjoy writing because, I suck at it. But for him, I want to pen it down. Share it with everyone.

I shall start penning down this for my friend, Amir. Aka Ong Soon Hua (Alvin whom I first knew), till now known as Amirrudin Ong, Amir. We completed our Diploma together and graduated in year 2007. (I think.) A frank, honest, kind person, who is really soft-hearted in character. He showered his love and care to his beloved GF, this is definitely something no one I have met can win him down. I started giving him the nick 王八蛋 (similarly to “jerk”) after an incident during our first class out in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Not forgetting his blue, dented “National Geographic” water bottle he carries around. Arguments, laughter, memories shared, precious. (:

He draws well (Really!). He composes songs, he plays piano & guitar. You performed in school’s event singing your very own-composed song. You participated in NEA song writing competition. It seems like “Impossible” is not in your dictionary. He is really disciplined when it comes to his daily meals. Watching him eating water boiled chicken breast with one plate of rice. One can or two cans of Tunas. His daily meals, amazed me. (Chicken breast meat really holds 1% of my memory of you.) I knew he was training hard. His dream to be on the stage, where it only shine the light on him. He believe in dream, He did it.

And finally, yesterday 1st July 2012, we witnessed this with him. The thrill of sitting down, awaiting for his name to be called. Liyana was anxious, heart was in her mouth. Ya? I think that is a good description. Ong whom I finally met after hearing about him for years(sticking together with you through thick and thin), together with Hui Ting not forgetting Darric. We are confident, he will win. His discipline, believe, dream and patience won him 2 placements in the 50th SBBF Singapore National Bodybuilding Championship in Kallang Theatre. 1st runner-up in both Welter Weight (70kg – 75kg) Category and Men’s Physique (above 165cm) Category.

He is a ‘Budgeted” body builder, the amount of money he had invested on himself, will be an eye-opener to everyone. He visits $2.50/visit gym for his training. He did not spend much on supplements. He spent on his food. One carton of fish fillets for only 4-7days worth of meals. He tells you, that this is possible.

You did not let yourself down. Your belief and dare to dream had inspired every one of us. Patience paid off your hard work. The smile you had on your face was priceless.
I remembered this quote, he had been repeating; (Definitely, not the exact phrasing but similar to his heart, I hope) “You know, you always watch people standing on the stage, the stage was theirs, and it felt like the light was shining only on them. But today, I had the stage for myself. I had the light shone on me.!!!”

You once told me to follow my dream, don’t let the dream, dream of me! (: Thanks friend! I will remember. Though I might have to say, I don’t have a big dream in mind. But I believe in patience and hard work.

We are proud of you! (: That stage is always there for you.

Don’t tear when you read this.
Don’t scold me when you read this.
I know I can’t write well, but I tried to do it well.
To finish up this beautiful piece of writing, I need to edit your performances to complete this piece of art. (By TONIGHT! I MUST!)

My Lightroom decided to start a work protest! ): ):
The album for YOU



Amirrudin Ong
1st Runner-Up in Welter Weight (70kg-75kg) Category


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