I miss her….

I’ve written this for quite a while, lying in the “Drafts”.

This is to remember the times I had enjoyed with the “slut” which B nicknamed it. But I call it the “The Baby”. Just because I decided to try jotting now, then I realised, I only have shots of her using my Samsing Galaxy SII. Talking about her, I’m missing her again. Because, she had a new owner. I hope he will take good care of you.

The first RangeFinder aka RF, B owned; Leica M6 Classic Black. (If I’m not wrong)
Suffered on my hands, not being able to sleep in dry cabinet / drybox when she was at my home. Poor baby. Guided me well through my RF experiences. She also followed me to China, Sanya on the first day of the year for the first time alone. (Imagine how worried B can be, when she left for China with me!!)

You accompanied me through the darks and lights of Chinatown and Little India. Through some heartlands, we stepped in. During the heated rallies of Singapore General Elections 2011.

This is not a review because I can’t write one.
It is a memory lane of mine.

I learnt to appreciate you more as days goes by. I miss the shutter sound. I missed how I learnt to load the film, how a RF actually works. It felt like mine during the times I used it. It made me remembered how my uncle made me the “photographer” of the day during grandma’s birthday when I was still young. He always give me the “weapon loaded”.

The nostalgic feelings on film, I can’t describe it.

The classic M6, I still miss..
[Captured using SGSII]

Out for a walk in one of the heartlands.
[Captured using SGSII]


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