It’s Not Lust But I Can’T Find Another Word Yet….

Film always has a special touch and feeling for me. Armed with digital camera or a film camera. A film camera would be more interesting for me. The thrill of capturing the images I see and wait for the images to be developed. That moment of truth, is FUN!

I had a great morning walk out in Geylang Lor 8 area. It was a fun day. With a new toy on my hand, which is Yashica Mat 124. Wow! I enjoyed the thrill of using this gear. Looking through the square viewfinder, it allows me to look at things in another perspectives.

Film is addicted to me.. No No!! Hehe. It is actually, I am getting hooked to film. The nostalgia special feel is different using a digital camera.

Some virgin shoots of 120mm B&W! Here it goes:

The family of 2 kittens and 1 cat. But the color of two kittens are black and grey.
This black one doesn’t belong to the family.. :S
While shooting this cat, the mother cat and the other kitten is right beside me purring…
ISO 400 | f8 | S250

The symmetry of doors.
ISO 400 | f8 | S250

Foreign Talent which helped to build our nation. He is from India.
He and his friend were both friendly. It was their off day but they might have “last minute” notice though.
Working abroad for 10 years, how much he misses his family….

Who’s in the house!


With MF, I can try shooting more abstract objects. This is something new I have learnt after a great exercise workout!
I’m excited to start rolling another shoot for film! (:

Join me in my exploration and give me lovely tips and guides. I am looking forward for knowing you guys out there!


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