An Early Morning Out For Fishy Business

Fish smell, anyone?
The fishy and smelly water, that will follow you throughout the day when you are there.

Saturday morning, we went to Jurong Fishery Port.
Overwhelming fishy smell greeted me at the guardhouse.
Attitude Indian auntie on duty was the start of the experience.
I think being the only girl within the group really gain attentions. (As mentioned by the group)
Instead of eyes on their business, their eyes will be on me.
I reckon, I’m like a guest to their working environment.

Wet, slippery floors, filled up with fishy smell.
You see them pushing trolleys everywhere. That is their mode of transportation.
There seemed to be seamless transactions going on.
One can be walking around to look for what they deemed fresh.
They can stand there for minutes and hours, just to seal a deal.
Next you will see another partner coming over with a trolley to fetch the goods.

I saw this auntie pushing her trolleys. In this particular store, she shouted that she needed only 5kg worth of clams.
Then she went to that big bag and started untie the bag and pour the amount she wants.
Is this the way they communicate? I guess so.

Shouts are everywhere. Silent deals and transactions going on too.
Chatted with this uncle who is shown in the photo, scaling the fishes.
Speaking in hokkien(dialect) with him is much easier than mandarin.
Sunday is their only rest day. They started to be busy as early as from 12midnight or 1am.
Uncle is camera-shy but he allowed me to take photos of him.
Not forgetting that, I was scolded by another uncle too.
(I say he is the boss! Because, all he does was sit there, count money and do some recording.)

The way they deal with this daily business is really not high-technology at all!
Notebooks and pens. Calculator and a drawer.
A weighing machine, pails and containers. That’s all they have.
Not forgetting the important partner of ICE!
You see blocks and blocks of ice being ferried around the fishery port.

Using Leica M2 for the first time, the lighting there is weak.
Shooting at ISO 1600 and 3200 doesn’t seemed sufficient.
The photos may not be of any good exposure.
Normally I don’t enjoy such high contrast photos, but the more I browsed through, the more I liked it.
The experiences gained and time spent was not wasted.
There will be another chance in returning back, though I am not sure when it will be yet.
Visit: A night out in Jurong Fishery Port


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