Shame on you

I was in the queue for payment at Daiso, Ion Orchard. 2 women were holding a cup of drink from Starbucks. The security uncle told them not to walk around with the drink and advice them to get a bag. That woman simply glanced at him and walked off. Ignoring the uncle. Shame 1.
Shame 2 comes just in front of uncle, another young lady was slurping her bubble tea while holding the Hello Kitty product.
Uncle did his job by saying, no drinking please. Thank you. The young lady ignored, obviously trying to avoid the uncle. Uncle repeated twice and moved to her left ears and repeat. Guess how she replied? She replied in an arrogant tone:”I’m not drinking what!” And walked off.

Poor uncle, why can’t you acknowledge your fault and be nice? Being me, i said it aloud. Obviously you are drinking!!
I should have disgraced her by tapping on her shoulder and tell her in her face..

My government, are you sure this society eventually will change into a better, considerate and graceful country? Where is the moral education taught in my school days?
This is an ugly world…


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