Can it termed as “Review”?

The Ladybug

I have never done a review. But recently I had the chance to explore the macro mode of this lovely  camera. I managed to capture 2 beautiful shots, that I can’t resist in not sharing it! (:
I was 1cm away from him/her, before it felt threatened and flew away.
Such a pretty fellow. This is my 2nd time seeing ladybug close-up. Seriously, in this fast-paced country, we do miss out many details surrounding us.
I really appreciate that, sometimes I get to love them and be in touch with them while at work.


This is a great camera for street photography as supported by many users out there. And I have to agree though I have yet fully explored the functions but I love the smartness of it. It’s so lovely. You can modify 3 different modes for your different purposes. DNG or JPEG format is also available. No digital zoom if you are looking for one. But I am really tempted in getting this camera. For my daily uses, I think I will enjoy it..

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