My Virgin Trip to Taiwan!

It has been a long while since I updated this blog. I have been wanting to pen down my experiences last June!

A friend of mine went to Australia to farm and earn her meals and accommodation. That gave me the idea on what will my next trip be! I started googling and reading up and making my research. Told Ting about my plan and she loved my idea! I just knew I got the right person to go on this trip with me, although I had the intention to travel on my own for the first time!

Thank you to WWOOF. This is a wonderful platform for me who lives in this urban nature country. Read up if you are interested to meet people, work for them, in return you get a place to sleep and eat in. ❤

As my title suggested, YES! I went to Taiwan for the FIRST timeeEeeeee! It was so exciting because Ting made an announcement to the colleagues that she will be farming in TW! Thankfully to this, we have to make this trip come true! Registering through WWOOF (TW), scanning through that list of hosts and making decisions. Contacting the farm, searching for a cheap flight that suits our period….. Lunch time, after work, AXS machine (well! We didn’t wanted to pay for the surcharge incurred from Credit Card), planning our trip, continue to move around in Taipei after the farm work. Wondering, what kind of people we will meet. How will the living condition be like. Do we need this and that, bring this and that. Oh god! I missed that kind of tension created at times and the lotsa fun!

It was a wonderful experience. We get to meet the hosts and their families. They treated us sincerely, as a friend, as a family. I am glad that my mum brought me up well. Teachings from Fo Tang guided me well. Together with my 2 friends, we had a good time. Respect, love, kindness, eager and many more, we all experienced these during our 11days stay. Three of us are considered as representations from the country! Really!

If you love outdoors…
If you don’t mind some labour work…….
If you don’t mind getting dirty…….
If you love to interact with people…..
If you enjoy the different culture people have……..
If you want to travel around unlike any others do…..
Join WOOOFing!
You will not regret this experience.

Be open and enjoy! My first experience in the farm in Tai Chung was really goood!
We’re welcomed to visit and join them again. I will be back, when I need a break away from this urban nature.
But please, do not transform that town into another urban area. Stay in this way.
Don’t destroy what our mother nature had created and given to us.


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