S.H.E 2GETHER 4EVER WORLD TOUR 2013 in Singapore!

I felt sad for the demise of LW’s grandfather. But because of this, I was given a last minute call to join Ting for this concert!
And yeah, here I am excited and upset as I had to give a miss on the photo sharing dinner session on their recent Sri Lanka trip!

The concert is really worth my time, my screams, my sexy voice (the day after), the sour arms and not forgetting that “idiotic entrance security man”!

Talk about the security officer! I took the effort and check on the new regulations Singapore Indoor Stadium has. It stated that NO professional cameras are allowed. I was out during the day, Leica M6 was with me. This man told me, you are not allowed to enter. Production team do not allow any cameras. (Right, I believed you!) If so, post a notice out and announce to all, making a disclaimer, no entry if you are found with a camera. (Opps! I don’t know if our smartphone should be considered as a CAMERA!)

I am seriously disgusted with that kind of attitude. Rules stated, no professional camera. You do not have the right to deny my entry unless I broke the rules. Obviously I did not. Singapore Indoor Stadium, please reflect on your rules and probably ensure all teams are briefed. If there are additional rules, please make an announcement. Anyway, I felt that I’m treated unfairly. As I entered the stadium, I should note down my expression.

I saw Fuji XPro series, I see Olympus Pen series, I see Panasonic cameras. Basically, I saw the m4/3 cameras. Not attached with “pancake 27mm” lens but 50mm lens or maybe 85mm if there is such lens? With the crop factor of most probably of x2, their lens will be an average of 100mm at least. My M6 was coupled with 50mm lens. Tell me which camera is much more threatening? Seriously? I was disappointed. They “smuggled” their gears in, whereas I was honest showing you the gears in an empty bag. So? (Lesson learnt, try smuggle your things in. Being honest don’t help! *Argh!*) So upsetting, the world changed too much.


Thank you, S.H.E. This concert reminded me why I love you girls so much since Secondary School. Many of us listened to your music as we started our teenagers’ years. YOU amazed me!

It is a collection of theirs songs for 12 years!!! Since 2001! It was filled with enjoyment, excitement and tears. It brings back fond school memories. Memories where their songs accompanied me during my happy and sad times. It brings back memories of my sec sch buddies too. Friends I don’t contact regularly.

S.H.E always bring sunshine to my life. They are a great source of positive pillar of support. Thank you to the concert, it has created great impact on me. Selina also shared her thoughts and proved that miracles do really happen. Don’t lose hope, create hope. I love the close relationship they shared. They are not pretentious. They also presented their vocal very well. Every single LIVE performances they present was wonderful. You girls, deserve our love and respect!

Ella’s bossiness. The boy had grew up into feline beauty.
Hebe has turned from a young girl to a beautiful woman, who is still an introvert.
Selina had been through the tough time and got her greatest wish come true. Which is to get married!

Hebe talks the least amongst Ella and Selina.

I love S.H.E! Thank you for the great performance you had put up! ❤ ❤


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