Street Photography…01

B shared that it does not matter if a person likes your photo. What matters if you are happy and proud of what you have. You know what you want and capture it.

And I can’t remember where did I read it from. It says that, we should blog as we shoot. We should share what we had in mind, when we release the shutter.

So hitting me right now, I should post one photo here. I always find observing the people and happenings on street is fun. Recently, there was a “dare” going on.
To ask for portraits right on the street from strangers.
Being me, I was not comfortable doing it. I don’t know if it is because, I can’t do it in my own country.
90% of the time I AM HERE! Here I am ranting on, I will approach people when I’m in Taiwan in June 2013. HA! There it comes, why would one feel so comfortable to approach strangers for portraits during holidays or in a foreign country?

Any one has such thoughts? Or are you one who will approach on the streets? Let’s share some thoughts, please?

The friendly uncle

This is shot by M2, pushed ISO 1600, Tri-X 400 film, I think. This is in Little India, Singapore.
Uncle opens his shop from AM till 2000hrs or 2200hrs.
He did not object us from taking a shot of him. And we chatted.
How nice right?

It’s been a while since I shoot!


Can it termed as “Review”?

The Ladybug

I have never done a review. But recently I had the chance to explore the macro mode of this lovely  camera. I managed to capture 2 beautiful shots, that I can’t resist in not sharing it! (:
I was 1cm away from him/her, before it felt threatened and flew away.
Such a pretty fellow. This is my 2nd time seeing ladybug close-up. Seriously, in this fast-paced country, we do miss out many details surrounding us.
I really appreciate that, sometimes I get to love them and be in touch with them while at work.


This is a great camera for street photography as supported by many users out there. And I have to agree though I have yet fully explored the functions but I love the smartness of it. It’s so lovely. You can modify 3 different modes for your different purposes. DNG or JPEG format is also available. No digital zoom if you are looking for one. But I am really tempted in getting this camera. For my daily uses, I think I will enjoy it..

I’m creative

Creep creeps POOF!

2013 Mother Nature-281.JPG by gnileet
2013 Mother Nature-281.JPG, a photo by gnileet on Flickr.

February 2013 has sped off quickly. 2 more days counting to March 2013.


This spider reminds me on how fast time has sped by. Asking myself, how much have I done for people around me.

Mobile Photography 4


After a day of hard work and many many minutes are squatting. I got this using my mobile phone. Because my battery for GRD4 went flat.

Nevertheless, I love this shot!


2013 Mother Nature-672.JPG by gnileet
2013 Mother Nature-672.JPG, a photo by gnileet on Flickr.

This is a flower.
They are the stamens (I hope)
Colours which actually will calm your mind.

I personally find it calming….

Ready! Get Set! HOP!! HOP!! HOP!!

Ready! Get Set! HOP!! HOP!! HOP!!

Do you fear moving forward? Does this little fellow fear too? But if we do not take our first baby step, we will be always in the same spot.
Only moving forward will allow us to see more, what is ahead.

We can fear for the future, but fear cannot be allowed to stop us from moving ahead.

Thank you, God(LM)


This is a long overdue post. My birthday falls on 31st Dec, every year I count down for the brand New Year to come and send my birthday away. My friends made this last day special, though the day before I was so upset with the planning. Ting is so cute to blow up balloons and brought party hats etc. (: and many surprises and laughters. Regardless whatever situations I am in, Im always blessed to have love and support around me. God, please continue to bless them with health, love and happiness. Thank you, God. (Lao Mu) 2013!!! I have a list of goals!